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Adults who deliberately scares the living daylight out of children with doomsday prophecies are in my opinion cruel & a tad retarded. A parent's duty is to be their safe haven, a lighthouse & to guide them through perils by giving them tools so they can be functioning adults one day instead of drivelling buffoons in need of safe spaces. Unfortunately nowadays we’re constantly reminded of the  doomsday clock 's ticking towards the point of no return. Just to be clear, I was rolling my eyes as I wrote that. Image found here . Where I live we’re having the mildest winter in a long time, & that of course is another indication that we’re doomed & humans are to blame, right? Well, let me ask you this: Was it humans fault back in the late 80s, beginning of the 70s or mid 50s? …or let us go further back, was the litte ice age humans fault? … medieval warm period , the 500s or roman warm period ? See, I’m not saying that the climate isn’t changing, but I am