Yeah, sooo, about what I ended the last blog post with… The whole crossing of fingers for a better 2020… Well, I crushed that goal alright! Feels like fate’s flipping me off. I’m actually laughing as I write this, cause this past week’s just been plain stupid.

The hospital entrance.

Was going grocery shopping with my mum in Sweden on Sunday 19th & she had brought an old metal file cabinet that I thought would be a good idea to get out of her car before we left. Lost my grip & ended up with my hand smashed between the car & cabinet. My tiny mum turned into the Hulk & lifted it out of the car & in a nano second she had jumped into the driver’s seat. Blood everywhere & off to the emergency room we went. She probably thought I’d become delirious at some point cause I started singing a silly old song & making weird noises to distract myself from the pain. At the E.R. they quickly ushered me to the hospital with a note that they suspected it was crushed…& they were spot on, thankfully it was only the middle finger though. So now I’m sporting a hand that looks like I’m flipping people off 24/7. Yay… 

Ricki Retardo, flaunting her junk. 

I dubbed this past week as painfest, since it’s been filled with little throbbing delights such as middle finger aches, odd sleeping positions, the blob trying to rip out of my uterus (yes, Aunty Flow came for a visit), a special appearance by Mr. Flu, paired neatly with a monster rollercoaster fever from hell. Also had a bit of a meltdown somewhere in-between that…when I tried to put on some clean linen on my bed & realised that was not compatible with being a one arm bandit. Teared up & got a pouty lip. Haha! Like full on 2 year old temper tantrum pout. It’s ridiculous, I know…but one thing I  known about myself is that I like doing stuff on my own & now that I have trouble doing basic sh*t it’s just turning me into a gnarly troll. Even have the hair to match, since I obviously suck at brushing my long hair with one hand too. Can’t wait for these 6 weeks to be over & done with… 

All of this is making me think though… I’ll write a longer post about that later cause now I have to go & hug my couch for a while.

A bend in the road is not the end of the road… Unless you fail to make the turn. ~Author Unknown.


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