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Adults who deliberately scares the living daylight out of children with doomsday prophecies are in my opinion cruel & a tad retarded. A parent's duty is to be their safe haven, a lighthouse & to guide them through perils by giving them tools so they can be functioning adults one day instead of drivelling buffoons in need of safe spaces. Unfortunately nowadays we’re constantly reminded of the  doomsday clock 's ticking towards the point of no return. Just to be clear, I was rolling my eyes as I wrote that. Image found here . Where I live we’re having the mildest winter in a long time, & that of course is another indication that we’re doomed & humans are to blame, right? Well, let me ask you this: Was it humans fault back in the late 80s, beginning of the 70s or mid 50s? …or let us go further back, was the litte ice age humans fault? … medieval warm period , the 500s or roman warm period ? See, I’m not saying that the climate isn’t changing, but I am

This thicket I call life

Do you ever get the feeling that when fate throws monkey wrenches in the works it’s to tell you that you’re on the wrong path? I’ve felt like that for quite some time, but hadn’t adhered to the notion of it. But I get it now & I am hellbent on implementing it in any way I can…both health wise, spiritually & so on. Cause I’m just tired of all the crap. Thinking back it’s like Murphy’s law have been my constitution for the past 10 years…& to my own dismay I’ve realised that I’m the one that carved it into stone by accepting that things are the way they are because * insert whatever lame excuse here *. I’ve had dreams, big ones, little, mediocre & some that are just flat out batsh*t. But they were mine & I wanted them sooo bad. But instead of going after them actively, I planned & bided my time instead… Cause you get second chances if you don’t rock the boat, right? WRONG! The whole “don’t rock the boat” concept is complete & utter bullshitzu. If you can swi


Yeah, sooo, about what I ended the last blog post with… The whole crossing of fingers for a better 2020… Well, I crushed that goal alright! Feels like fate’s flipping me off. I’m actually laughing as I write this, cause this past week’s just been plain stupid. The hospital entrance. Was going grocery shopping with my mum in Sweden on Sunday 19th & she had brought an old metal file cabinet that I thought would be a good idea to get out of her car before we left. Lost my grip & ended up with my hand smashed between the car & cabinet. My tiny mum turned into the Hulk & lifted it out of the car & in a nano second she had jumped into the driver’s seat. Blood everywhere & off to the emergency room we went. She probably thought I’d become delirious at some point cause I started singing a silly old song & making weird noises to distract myself from the pain. At the E.R. they quickly ushered me to the hospital with a note that they suspected it was crushe

Cheap plastic toaster & a pile of dung.

Hadn’t planned on writing anything here in any foreseeable future. Mainly because I’ve only used this blog to spew out gibberish…& to be honest, I got tired of being reminded of how utterly boring & uneventful my life had become. But when I think back on this past year I probably should have vented a bit… Cause it’s been like wading through a big pile of dung to be honest. It had its nice moments of course but overall it’s been crap. Here, let me recap with a few tidbits of the wonderful year of 2019:   I got put on some seizure medicine that supposedly would help my I.I.H. Did it work, you ask? Well, if me going completely demented & setting my kitchen on fire…then sure, it worked. Pared with a lovely burn in my lungs for weeks afterwards… Yeah, that was a real hoot. Then we have the financial blunders I’ve made, deaths, unwanted houseguests aka rodents & 3 birds nesting in the vents, fucked up sewers & chimney…which was its own humongous sh*tshow. Moving on t