Guilty pleasures

Damn, almost mid October already. How time flies when you’re having fun… Sooo, you might be wondering why I’ve been awol for the past few weeks? …the easiest explanation to that is basically that I’ve f**ked up & been working my derrière off trying to set things right. Not going to dive further into to that pile of manure though, so moooving on. 

The trees have been changing colours & my grass is covered with little flakes of golden hues. No doubt about it, this is my favourite season. It’s jam packed with guilty pleasures… 
Like not cleaning up in your garden, cause you enjoy the smell of rotting leaves. Hell, I even like it when they make the pavement slippery…or you’re waiting for the bus & you just stand there squishing one or two underneath your boots & kinda smearing it all over. Yeah, I know, I’m weird...

Then there’s the whole stew thing. I don’t know what it is about that, but stews are just such a f**king release from the salads & easy digestible foods. I want gorgeous hearty stews with potatoes & meat & veggies that don’t give a damn if it’s been slow cooking for hours on end & filling the whole house with a mouth watering scent...cause it'll still taste yummy. So get in my tummy, you easy made deliciousness!
Worn, furry slippers & knitted socks. I get all tingly when I feel my feet slide down in them. Mmm-mm-mmmm! I know I should get new ones, but I’d rather wear them ’til they crumble. (Yes, I do wash them.)
…ooor coming back home from a long walk, cold like a popsicle & just jumping into the shower, feeling the water drizzle down your ice block a$$ & it kinda feels like it must be lava spewing down onto your skin. Come to think of it, that’s a very pleasurable sorta pain. Plus afterwards, when you slip into a clean, sloppy looking, but very cozy outfit & slide down under a blanket on the couch… I freakin’ l o v e it!
Oh, & tea, holy crapola, I consume a bit too much of that stuff this time of year...lets just leave it at that. :p

Did I mention I love autumn? ;)

October's poplars are flaming torches lighting the way to winter. ~Nova Schubert Bair.


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