Yapping away

I feel like baking some biscuits, pouring hot blackcurrant-toddy on a thermos, grabbing a woolen blanket, a fishing rod & some logs…then shuffling my feet through autumn leaves & plonk my a$$ down somewhere by the coast or a lake & spend a few hours there. Hopefully ending the day roasting my dinner over an open fire… But even though it feels sorta nippy outside during daytime, we’re not quite there yet. Although right now it’s 8.8C here & as I write this it’s not even 23:00 yet. Makes me wonder if I should start taking some of my veggies inside…cause they’re all f**ked if it gets colder. 

MOOving on… Today (- or yesterday, since this was posted after midnight. *snarl*) I made Lapskaus for dinner, with potatoes, carrots & onions from the garden & I have no clue as to where the cow came from. Somewhere in Norway though, so I’m sure it had a lovely grass-fed life, roaming the Norwegian hills & valleys. Yup, I’m totally humming The hills are alive with the sound of muuuusic now. Haha!  

Is it weird that I set the table & eat all by myself there? It’s just something about lighting candles, putting on some music & enjoying a meal. Even though it probably looks like it should be dolloped onto metal trays in cellblock 9. :P 
Maybe I’m doing it because a part of me miss having dinners with family & friends…& sitting there gives me that same cosy sensation. I don’t know, I’m babbling now…just waiting for my bathtub to fill, so I can thaw out this popsicle I call a body. 

Enjoy your day, wherever you are. ;)

Man loves company even if it is only that of a small burning candle. ~Georg Christoph Lichtenberg.


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