Stood in the backyard this morning & got surrounded by white butterflies of some sort.  They were everywhere, especially in the field below my garden. I’ve been noticing a few flying in a whirlwind motion around each other for months now, but today was absolutely amazing. I filmed them, but my house & garden look derelict at the moment, so this pic has to suffice...

I’m sorta thinking it’s a Pieris rapae, but what do I know.

The hops that are growing at the bottom of my backyard have been spreading out on my f’ugly chainlink fence, quite decorative actually. Wasn’t a bad idea to take some & transplant them into my garden last year after all... 

I still wonder how they came here though, cause they were just outside the fence when I moved here…& my neighbour haven’t got a clue why they’re there. Makes me wonder what was on this plot of land before this house got built. Next door is a church which got rebuilt in the mid 1800s to accommodate more people. But there’s reportedly been a church there since 1200…sooo I’m thinking that maybe at one point they were intentionally put here? ...since estate owners were required by law to grow a certain amount of hops back in the day...& no wonder, cause it has great properties. Especially when it comes to insomnia, etc. …& to be honest, I’m more inclined to make mead, liqueurs, & so on instead of beer. So I usually use it for other things, like sewing little pillows stuffed with dried hops to put under my pillow...or drink hop tea every once in a while, mostly for sleep & digestion, but it also helps with regulating hormones. Men however should not chug down too much of that stuff, unless they feel the urge to get in touch with their feminine side, & end up flaccid… ;P I could go on & on & on about hops, but if you have any interest in it other than beer brewing, look it up yourself. ;) Oh, & if you’re inclined to have severe depressions - stay away from it.

My lemon balm is also growing, just hope it’ll turn into a huge bush, cause I use it in tea & as a facial tonic - which is very soothing & anti-inflammatory btw. It’s also relaxing & are often good for people with depression or anxiety. Plus bees love it. …as with hops, if you're interested in knowing more about it - read. ;)

Popsicle & silly slippers on the back porch... 

Also noticed a bunch of little tomatoes, zucchini, onions, etc. growing, so that makes me a happy camper. Just wish I had the foresight of getting one of those soil tillers earlier, so I could’ve made a huge kitchen garden. Just haven’t got the energy to dig it all up by hand. But that has to be a project for next year…if I’m still here that is. Enough plant babble… I’m kinda dragging out time before bed. Not looking forward to tomorrow, at all. Stressful week ahead. Maybe I should have some lemon balm given to me intravenous. ;P

Don't let your mind bully your body into believing it must carry the burden of its worries. ~Terri Guillemets.


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