Today has definitely not been a good day. My I.I.H.’s been acting up. Felt the pressure in my spine even…& when it does that it means it’s very high & usually f**ks up my body temperature. So been feeling feverish for hours now. Really tired of this s**t. I can handle the pain, it’s the uncertainty of the next day that gets me. I just never know how I’ll be from one day to another. 
Trying to avoid being put back on the rat poison again, so guess I’ll be upping my parsley, raw maca powder, etc., again. I swear I’m like 85% parsley by now. :p Why parsley? …it’s a natural diuretic & I try to consume as much of those as I can, like dandelion, caffeine, ginger, etc.  ...& the maca root thingamajig is just me experimenting. Since I read that it can  change the hormone balance in your body...& some people with my condition have had success with a medicine which does just that. But we'll see. It haven't really shown a huge change just yet. But a girl can hope... 

In West Africa, when a person in the village becomes sick, the Healer will ask them, "When was the last time you sang? When was the last time that you danced? When was the last time that you shared a story? ~Harvey Cox.


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