There’s been a debate going on here. About a temporary employed teacher at an elementary school which didn’t get his contract renewed. Because he, as a muslim, think that shaking hands with women is not appropriate. Cause as everyone knows, shaking hands with the opposite sex may lead to temptation. Right…  The school had even given him a job contract, which accommodated his need of attending mosque on Fridays. Oh, & he also refused to carry a tray of  liver pate to kids… Yup, better call in the sin eater, time to purge the world of liver pate!

But here’s the kicker, as read in this post here… Our very own Gender Equality and Anti-Discrimination Ombud said that the lack of handshake isn’t necessarily a reason for being fired & that the employer have to prove that the man’s religious views hindered him from doing his job. She also said “You can for example look a person in the eyes & nod, instead of shaking hands. We have to be open to that there are other ways…” - of greeting each other. 
The post continues with saying that It’s a misunderstood tolerance when it end up inflicting others. When your own religious rules don’t go hand in hand with the school’s rules you can’t work there. You have to be capable of doing the work you’re paid to do. …& what’s really discriminating is if school kids learn that you don’t greet girls or women in the Norwegian school. It also say that When your religious views collide with your work life & also with common decency & equality, then someone needs to yield. ...& I agree with that, even more so this:

"The demand can’t be that the greater society’s rules should change because of individual’s strict religious convictions."

Thing is… If I for example moved to another country, I’d learn about its customs, what’s socially acceptable & not, their laws, etc. ...& I’d follow that to get properly integrated. I don’t think that’s equivalent of me having to give up my personal beliefs, I just can’t impose those on the people around me out of respect. Ergo I think that’s just reasonable to expect the same from those who come here. 
Kinda the same with religions. It has to be kept separate from work & home & there need to be a set level of professionalism. If you're born here you know this, if you come here you learn, that we shake hands. It's just common decency.
Seeing these types of things & hearing some people, especially women, defend it...I just think it’s such a giant leap backwards. It makes me a bit worried... Because it means that some people have no intention of integrating properly with society. I don't have the full story, but it’s obvious that this guy would rather have people catering to his beliefs than him budging even an inch. What is even more concerning - How many of his peers are there? How many shares those exact beliefs here in Norway? 
When I allow my thoughts to drift ahead just a bit, I start to wonder about the government & judicial system. Huge leap from handshakes perhaps...but I do wonder that if they start bowing down to that kind of behaviour, well, how long will it take until we get gender segregated classrooms, etc.? Kids learn how to treat each other properly by interacting. They learn how to respect boundaries, they get the whole curiosity thing over & done with at an early age. If that goes away you may end up with hormonal lunatics who goes apesh*t by seeing some skin. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s more multi faceted than that, blablabla… But you know where I’m going with this. To say that shaking someone’s hand can lead to temptation? …seriously, get a grip! It’s 2018 & last time I checked - this is still The Kingdom of Norway.  

I’m glad that both sides of the isle are reacting to this though. Good to see that there are people out there willing to stand up for justness. I actually feel like someone cracked a window open, & we’re all feeling the draught of religious customs from a bygone era. Some might be tempted to wanna close that window, but I hope they just put on an extra layer of clothing instead & weather it out for the time being. 

The present is the living sum-total of the whole Past. ~Thomas Carlyle.


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