Cattila the Hun

My cat’s been having trouble walking lately, so I think that he might’ve had a seizure again or jumped down from somewhere & landed wrong. I don’t know… Spent most of the day just trying to massage his back. Which wasn’t the easiest thing to do, cause he turned into Cattila the Hun. (Whomever invented oven mitts, may you be showered in glory in the halls of Valhalla. Haha! )
Many might think that’s a bit overkill to do that, but I’ve had Loke for 17 years now & he’s an odd little fellow which I love a bunch…so don’t want his last stretch of life to be painful. 

Thankfully he’s not dragging his back legs anymore, so guess I’ve been doing something right. But I am contemplating taking him to the vet tomorrow…all depends on how either of us are feeling in the morning. Sooo off to bed I go. ;)

Cats have an infallible understanding of total concentration — and get between you and it. ~Arthur Bridges.


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