Tucked in a corner of the couch, listening to the remnants of today’s storm. It’s like the wind’s lulling me into sleep, so I’ll keep it short... 

Trees fell down, power went out. I bitched a tad about why they aren’t putting all the cables underground. Then the water got shut off… Luckily I have enough stored to last me a while. But got a bit annoyed with myself when I realised I had forgotten to stock up on fuel for my camping stove. But, a candle & my grandparents’ wrought iron thingamajig did the trick & I ended up with some warm food at least.
Only thing that I can genuinely say I missed when the power was out was getting updates via the radio. But I don’t do DAB, so...

Can hardly keep my eyes open now… Need sleep. :)


Do not depend on others for safety — Help yourself. ~Safety saying, circa early 1900s.


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