Wen’t outside this morning & my yard was littered with branches, acorns & leaves… Kinda heartbreaking seeing all the gorgeous green gems all over the place. Cause I'm in need of all of them if I’m going to execute my plans. But waste not want not, don’t wanna let them go to waste... Sooo I’ve been picking them up as fast as I can. Green ones are ok if you want to use it in some cooking. But, the nutritional value are better albeit a tad bitter when they’re darker. …& I’m going to make flour out of it, or at least that’s my plan for the year. We’ll see how that goes. For now I’m going to try some muffins with oak nuts. Just have to let them sit in water for a few days to draw out all the tannins. If you embark upon this venture yourself, please don’t eat them raw. They taste like crap. Just let them soak… Oh, & change the water often. You can also roast them in the oven for 15 minutes… But I find that best to do if you’re using it as a coffee supplement, or if you’re short on time.

Don’t expect much taste-wise though. Oak nuts are rather bland after they’re prepped & ready for consumption to be honest…but it is an extra protein source & it’s free, so I ain’t complaining. ;) 

…& I’m also on the lookout for eikegaller as we call it here, it’s little growths on the leaves. Cause you can make an bluish black ink with it. & august is the best time to pick it, but since we’ve had a really warm summer, I’m not sure how it’ll go.

Then there’s my oak leaf liqueur. I love the taste of it…& it’s dead easy to make. Just vodka, sugar & leaves in a jar with a tight fitted lid. Then store it in a dark place in room temperature. Stir it twice a day for two weeks. Then strain it trough some muslin cloth or a coffee filter, bottle it up & voila! you’re left with a really yummy earthy concoction.    

I often think about how much knowledge that’s been lost over time… Knowledge about plants & their healing properties. Much is used in today’s medicine, but I do think that when we stopped relying on nature & more on the apothecaries, we lost a crucial part of self reliance & a connection with our own history. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love modern medicine. But so much ailment could be prevented by being in nature first of all, & using the abundance that is in it. So wherever you are, if you’re not versed in wildcraft, then at least take a stroll through a park or woodland today… Just listen to the leaves rustling in the wind, the sounds your footsteps make & just be present. 

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. ~Lao Tzu.


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