Weather you do or don't

How come with many people on both political isles it has to be one way or the other? I don’t get that… Isn’t it possible to have two conflicting thoughts in your head at once? I can be against plastic pollution & still be for driving a huge a** truck that chugs down a bunch of gas, can’t I? 

Oversimplifying here of course, but, I don’t like spraying my plants with pesticides, I even saved a bee from drowning the other day…doesn’t mean I’m totally against conventional farming. I’m for coal, just would like them to reduce the emissions…doesn’t mean I believe that CO2’s something bad, it’s plant food. I also think that the sun has a lot to do with our weather here & that our planet is cyclical driven, like everything else is - seasons, birth, death, etc. 

Took this picture in my garden back in May.

I also like to look back at what’s happened in history to understand it all better. It’s quite interesting actually, if you sit down & read what archeologists have discovered about climate changes & what that’s done with settlements, etc. So I don’t buy into all the alarmist hype. There are so many scientists who claim otherwise than what the media regurgitates…so the best way to figure things out is to not blindly trust things that are said. Better to read research rapports from different countries & just have a level head about it all. Does that make me a bad person? 
I recycle, if there are alternatives to something I try to buy the stuff that has less plastic in it & I pick up trash when I go for walks. I don’t eat meat or fish from endangered species, but I do eat meat. I see the world as a whole, something we’re part of & thus take ethical decisions based on what I’ve learned. Does not mean I believe that we can somehow stop the thermometer from going up or down. I can do a rain dance & joik if you think it’ll help, but other than that the weather’s gonna do what it’s always done - change.   

So whether you're leaning to the left or right, don't be so set in your own narrow minded bias views that you completely dismiss someone just because you think they are a certain way. 

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.


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