Through several layers

It gets so quiet in the house when my son & co. leaves, almost like an eerie calmness. I love having them here, there’s always some sort of noise coming from upstairs. Music, laughter, muffled voices...haha! No, not in the sense of someone’s being held hostage up there. But you know, sound travelling through several layers of wood & vinyl...laughter & conversations & the occasional bloody murder - scream in the music studio, all reaches my ears, wrapped in a sorta velvety hue. It usually takes a while to get used to the silence again, but today I’ve been battling with an army of flies who’ve apparently come through the balcony door upstairs sometime these last few days. So not much time to acclimatise with those little jackholes using me as a helipad & repeatedly buzzing in my ears.

…& yeah, I know, I should get a screen door up there. I should get a lot of things for this house really... Earlier today when I was making lunch I wished the kitchen was completely renovated, with everything being organised & easy on the eye. But truth be told, right now I’d settle with just something to cover that f’ugly countertop. Plain tiles, epoxy resin, a sheet of zinc (which is f’in cool btw), just anything else than what I have. It isn’t the biggest countertop either, it’s about 65 x 180 cm. so it’s not a huge investment in time nor money. But, like everything else it’ll have to wait I guess. Best to finish one room at a time, or else I’ll end up with a house full of unfinished projects & a hell of a lot of unnecessary stress. ...& I don’t need more of that at this point.

An old Snapchat pic, but it's the only one I have of my countertop. 

My cat's getting very clingy & annoying now, so guess I'll give him some attention (& food!) before I go to sleep. Fingers crossed I don't have to wake up to his screams at the crack of dawn...

“Home is where the heart can laugh without shyness. Home is where the heart’s tears can dry at their own pace.” ~Vernon Baker.


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