Woke up today with an urge to pack up & roam. A leave everything behind type of feeling. Shed my old self & emerge as…you get the point. But did I? Nah, boring ol’ me stayed in the office & checked everything off my to-do list. The feeling still lingers though… 

I miss doing things that makes my heart race, being carefree. Thinking back on when passion penetrated every single aspect of my life, feels more like an eerie faint echo from the past at this point. But if I close my eyes & truly allow myself to go back there, I can still feel the fire upon my lips when I exhale...& I want it back, I want it all back.  


Passion is universal humanity.  Without it religion, history, romance and art would be useless. ~Honoré de Balzac.


nadj said…
Could be worse. At least you had your peak, some of us are just born obsolete.
Linn said…
That's just a pile of steaming cow dung. Life is what you make it. Society doesn't own you jack sh*t, so you have to claw your way up & out of whatever self pity hole you've fallen down in & find something to live for. Of course if you're sick or anything along that line, there will be a harder climb. But born obsolete? Naaah, you're here for a reason...whatever that is, well, that's entirely up to you to figure out. :)

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