According to Egyptian lore hearts were weighed against Maat’s feather in the Hall of Two truths. So your fate was based on whether or not the scale tipped. If it didn’t, you had led a righteous life & could join paradise... If it did your heart was devoured by Ammit & you spent eternity in the underworld…

I sometimes wonder how heavy the hearts are of many on social media. Today I’ve read a lot about how right leaners are somehow gloating about the Norwegian journalist Kadafi Zaman (of Pakistani descent) that are jailed in Pakistan… All because the left had said that Tommy Robinson deserved to go to jail, cause he broke the law. So basically a lot of same coin different side blablabla. I understand the reactions, but shouldn’t the main concern here be that governments are shutting down free speech & the freedom of the press? That elections are being doctored & people who are speaking up against it are systematically shut down? 

But you know what? I find it even more concerning how much of an absolute sh*tshow journalism has become. At some point it became perfectly acceptable for journalist to voice their private opinions of a situation, rather than reporting on what’s truly going on. This is happening on both sides of the isle & it’s pissing me off. 

Journalism for me has always been something trustworthy & honorable. People traveling to war torn areas & even reporting from the midst of battles. They were there telling us what was happening. Real news, real investigative news. 
Now I see journalists being so hysterical on their public accounts & screaming bloody murder when a flee farts & it’s all based on muh feelings. It makes me question their ability to be neutral when they’re reporting back to us. …& it’s a tad unsettling that these people have the means to influence nations with their gobbledygook. 
Old people who haven’t touched a smartphone in their entire lives are reliant on the established media to tell them what’s going on, not a reporters feels. It makes me livid that the elderly population might be force-fed complete & utter bias bullsh*t. True journalism should always be completely transparent, based on issues that can be traced back to tangible sources & it should be there to enlighten people. There’s enough tabloids out there & reputable news outlets should not jump on that bandwagon, no matter what the latest trends are. 
We as a people need honourable neutral journalists to be out there, reporting on what's actually happening. …but at the moment my trust meter is running on low. It has nothing to do with what Trump says & all that nonsense, it’s based on what I see being reported vs. what I see being posted by local people. That’s one of the reasons why I rely on men & women who’s online & sending out tweets, etc. from the area that’s affected. It’s much more reliable, you see things from multiple sides & then you form an opinion. That’s what journalism used to be about, showing all sides of a story & letting us absorb & process it. It wasn’t the journalists job to make us feel anything else but engaged in the overall topic. Of course, my memory might be tricking me... Maybe journalists always been like this & it’s just me that have changed, but nonetheless, there are a few journalists that I perceive as old school, so I don’t think I’m that much off the reservation. Anyway…

War & tyranny have been & always will be part of human history. What got me worried is that if the public’s outcry for more censorship based on their frilly little fragile feelings takes more hold, it will stiffen governments crackdown on free speech…& what will the outcome of that be? Well, my guess is that we’ll have to weigh our words on a scale such as the dead does in the Egyptian underworld. But I’m not sure if it’ll be Maat’s feather used as a counterweight…& I’m not sure our hearts is the only thing that will be devoured. 

If the world were a logical place, men would ride side saddle. ~Rita Mae Brown.


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