Reap what you sow

The fields around here are slowly turning from green to a mustardy colour. Makes me think of abundance, sustenance & traditions. …& also about how much of it that’s lost. I’m not just talking about the disconnect from traditions & nature, but also the fact that there’s less farmable soil cause of moronic politicians & government employees who hands permissions out (their a**es) to build roads & houses on top of farmland…

Taken from the cemetery next door. Hey, at least I have quiet neighbours... 

My grandparents & great-grandparents had a little veggie patch in their garden, even kept hens. I know, I know, they did it out of necessity & we have stores now & that’s why people don’t need that in their garden, blablabla… I actually don’t agree with that, especially if you have children. Instead of a manicured lawn, dig a part of it up & plant a couple of vegetables with them & if you don’t have a lawn a bucket & some soil will do…just show them where food comes from. Let them harvest & make a meal out of it. The saying “Give a man a fish, & you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, you feed him for a lifetime.” comes to mind…they won’t be kids forever you know, so give them the gift of knowledge. Maybe they’ll flee the nest & dig their own little patch somewhere...& maybe they’ll be one of those that get to help out a friend who’s come upon some hard times. Maybe they won’t have any money to give, but can send him/her home with buckets filled with delicious homegrown goodies & know that at least their friend will go to bed with a full belly… ;)

I just think that there’s a ripple effect in doing it “the old way”. You know how & where it’s grown, a handful of tiny seeds can give an abundant amount of produce & you save a small fortune…plus if the proverbial ever hits the fan then you know you don’t have to rely on the system, at least for a while.

Been thinking about that for years now actually. How people who hunt, fish, forage & farm are always several steps in front of everyone else…it’s true, even though the popular census may have another opinion on the matter. My point is that you can’t eat your designer clothes or drink your glittery facial mist (unless you’re completely batsh*t)...& if something happens (I’m not an alarmist), the most likely scenario is that the stores will run out of food or the prices will go over the roof, so having a little backup wouldn’t be that bad would it? So maybe learn how to fish or join a so called nature walk near where you live & learn what’s edible or not…just do something else this summer besides lounge around & take selfies. ;) 

“I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright”. ~Henry David Thoreau.


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