Just one of those days...

Waking up before 08:00 on a Sunday by my looney cat isn’t exactly a joyous affair. Was incredibly tired & wanted to go right back to sleep. Guess fate had something else planned though…me, being a tad bit miserable for the better part of the day. 

I just wanted to relax today, get in the right frame of mind for what I had planned for this upcoming week. It started ok, but as the hours went by & the phone kept buzzing, I ended up being frustrated instead. Made me question if people truly listens when I say stuff. My preliminary assessment of that is a big fat juicy NO. 

Can't really capture what I saw on a cellphone pic, but lovely nonetheless.

…anyhow, it hasn’t been all bad though. Got some laundry out of the way & spent some time outside. Listened to some hedgehogs rummaging underneath my back porch (Oh great Goddess, I'm such a bloody snoozZzefest.) & watched the sunset. Which was remarkable this evening & it gave me a bit of a positive boost at least…sooo hopefully I’ll be fit for fight when I wake up tomorrow. If I can sleep, that is, my cat just started yammering again. Woohoo… 

“I’d like to just get one of those pink clouds & put you in it an push you around”. ~F. Scott Fitzgerald.


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