Sometimes the words you long to hear are left unspoken & your light dims because of it… Then, when you’ve almost succumbed to darkness, a distant, but familiar voice whispers & it’s like your entire existence brightens up again.

Fear of negative reactions sometimes makes you put on lead shoes & sink to the bottom of a murky pond of emotions… Where you hold your breath & bide your time, hoping for a drought so the water levels will go down & you’ll breathe fresh air again. But the shoes are still on & monsoon season is lurking around the corner. Guess I’m saying that wether it’s politics, life in general or love…biding your time & getting lost in your own mind, not doing things, speaking out, or asking questions in fear of repercussions or rejection - you shouldn’t let fear or anxiety rule. It’s such a waste of time. It might be that the person you’re longing to be with are hoping for the same…or speaking out at a family dinner about your political views might give others some gumption to do the same. Maybe we aren’t quite as alone as we think, if we just open our mouths or do things, despite of our fears? Sooo, maybe the next time the pond looks enticing just ditch the lead shoes & get a floatie instead? ;)

Yup, this is me when I was younger... xD

What I need to live has been given to me by the earth. Why I need to live has been given to me by you. ~Author Unknown.


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