Been waaay past 30C here today & I haven’t done much to be honest. Pottered around in the garden & tried to stay hydrated, so not much to report really.

That's my "Damn, it got hotter than I expected" - 'tardface.
I was going to walk a little in the evening, but luckily my neighbour came running after me & invited me to her house. She has an AC & it was kinda like walking out of Mount Doom & into Fimbulwinter. Exaggerating of course. ;) 
I like talking with her, she's got such a warm personality, inquisitive, very sharp & witty, never a dull moment. I love how she talks about the life she had with her husband & how proud she is of her children. It's like being around my grandmothers again...& like her, they always showed me how to appreciate the simple things in life. So eat that bowl of strawberries & remember to pour a little extra vanilla sauce over it... Then go for a stroll around the neighbourhood. Except when the weather's a tad hellish, then seek refuge at the nearest cold spot. 

The rain cools the air, calms the soul and replenishes life. ~Mike Dolan.


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