Feeling the warm & slightly humid winds gush towards my body today felt like a gentle embrace. I stood there for a wee bit, with my eyes closed & the palm of my hands turned outwards. It was soothing, & dare I say it, rather spiritual…

Filters, they make any old hag look half decent. ;p 

It gave me the same feeling as embracing arms from behind would, like there were someone solid to lean against, safety… I know it might seem a bit out there, but as long as I’m not attempting a trust-fall with the wind, I’d say it’s all good. ;) 

Guess it’s the old ones reminding me that I’ve drifted a bit far off my path. This year’s been quite difficult, with the pressure in my head & this constant longing, tugging at my heart strings. Feels like it’s getting better now though, slow & steady… 

Having I.I.H. has changed me in so many ways, it’s first & foremost a pain wielding time thief. But oddly enough it’s also given me the gift of insight. It slings you into a solitary existence where you have to face some hard truths about yourself. You get bruised both mentally & physically by this sh*t. But your body heals, mentally though, it takes time…those specific scars are hidden well & not easily accessed. 
…& if you experience heartache or loss of any sort on top of all of that then suddenly your spirit is somehow wounded too, & only love can heal that…or a wast amount of spiritual glue. 

Anyway… What I’m saying is that I’m weary, but stronger & definitely up for the next round...cause this time around I’ll heed fate’s guidance & I will not stray off path.

If you surrender to the wind, you can ride it. ~Toni Morrison.


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