I love summer storms… Although today, yet again, I screamed like a little girl when lightning struck. Was leaning out the living room window watching the abrupt hailstorm & out of the blue the god of thunder decided to pay me a visit in my backyard. Felt all tingly inside afterwards... :p  

It does give me some major pressure in my head though… So glad the upside of having I.I.H. is that you don’t have to rely on weather forecasts or especially barometers, cause you are one. #SilverLining! Kidding of course, I never rely on weather forecasts, just look out the bloody window. ;)

Jeløy, looking out on the Oslofjord. (📷A.R.K. aka my son.)

The storm today reminded me of when my son was younger & we used to sit & stare out over Moss whenever there were summer storms. We lived high up on Jeløya so had a pretty good view. I miss those days… It goes by fast doesn’t it? Wished I could do it all over again for so long, raise a little one, with a proper family unit…but that never happened. Life ey? …you never know where it takes you.

Hope my internal barometer won’t go off the charts tomorrow, cause I really need to get sh*t done around the house...fingers crossed!

Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I. ~Anne Gibbons.


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