Dark ages

Had a lot of stuff running through the old noggin today, been writing it all down too. But, the weekend’s upon us, & frankly - I’d rather show what I’ve been up to today instead… Not the best picture, but here you go:

Still hadn't dried here, so looks a bit iffy...& damn, I hate that carpet.

I've had this desk for many years now. Bought it at a place called Høyvekta Brukthandel, a second hand shop with antiques & other bits & bobs, this was back when it was located on Jeløya. The desk had a weird brownish colour when I got it & stupid me painted it white, & it's been like that until now. Had this huge plan of sanding it down & getting it back to its former wooden glory, but nah... Had some blackboard paint left & voila. Would never ever do that to a piece I was about to sell though. If I'm redesigning or refurbishing stuff it gets sanded down & the whole shabang. Just can't be bothered with my own stuff, then it's all about instant gratification. 

It always feels nice to have a brush in hand. Being creative is calming...& I usually listen to music or record whatever’s on my mind in case I want to write about it later on. Easier to talk & record it when there’s paint involved, it gets messy fast. Don't think I have much more than one piece of clothing that hasn't got paint on it...just love that stuff. :P 

Have you ever craved a colour? Lately black's been beckoning me to join the dark side. I've had this urge to paint the house black, etc. Usually when I get like that it’s easier to just commit to one piece of furniture, & by doing that my cravings subsides. So now I feel replenished & serene again... Well, something like that anyway. Have to say though that having my desk painted black makes me want to sit & work there again. Only thing left is getting my chair fixed. But that's for another day. 

Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ~Anton Chekhov.


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