Bucket list

I had planned a whole day of digging through my ancestry & write a post about my findings, maybe go for a stroll, write a few letters… Yes, snail mail, I still do those. Sending & receiving letters give me the same feeling as drinking hot cocoa in front of a fireplace after a long day out in the snow. It’s just pure & simply put - cosy. 

Anyway, it seemed fate had something else in store... My phone hasn’t been still at all, & my brain’s kinda hazy now. Been sitting for hours trying to figure out what to write, & the only thing that comes to mind is a question I got earlier about my dreams...which I have several of, like all of us probably have. But the only thing that popped up in my head then & there was that I want to belong... After my son grew up I kinda felt lost & had the urge to wrap my roots around something, a place or someone. But that whole topic is for a less hazy brain-day... Think I’ll stick with something simpler, like my Bucket List:

2. See flamingos in their natural habitat.
3. Build a library at home with a curiosity cabinet. 
4. Spend New Year's Eve somewhere warm, with only stars sparkling above.
5. Just once in my lifetime I’d love to see fireflies light up the evening.
6. Watch a classic movie at a drive in.
7. Slow dance in the kitchen. (Silly, I know.)
8. Write a book.
9. Buy or build a beach house.
10. “I dream of a love that even time will lay down & be still for”. 

Totally grounded & doable, right? Heh..

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal. ~Henry Ford.


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