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Oscars 2018

I’m not watching the Oscars tonight. No, it’s not a protest. I’m just fed up with that echo chamber, plain & simple. If seeing someone blow up someone else’s a$$ tickles my fancy, I’ll just watch porn.   Thinking back, movies have played a huge role in my life. I’ll even go as far as saying they helped shape me into the woman I am today. I learned that through adversity comes strength… Of course life has given me a hell of an a$$ kicking from time to time to remind me of that… But seeing those characters always filled me with enough gumption to get through it. They taught me that love comes free of charge (Can’t buy me love), that I don’t like huge animals kept in captivity (Free Willy) but do like hairy men (Austin Powers), that it’s not a good idea to give scientists free reins  without supervision (Jurassic Park) & that there’s very little you can’t do if you just work together (See no evil, Hear no evil). They brought nightmares, never-ending stories…raised hell, termi