Kid you not

People who brag about their kid being the same as themselves should be worried, not proud. Cause if you’re honest with yourself, do you really think that’s a good thing? Similarities are fine, but a damn clone? Don’t you wish more for your kid? 

There’s a flawless human being standing in front of you, not tainted by the same stupid ass mistakes that’s scarred your mind. Do you really want them to drag their feet through your footsteps or chart out their own path? Watch, be attentive when they do stuff, what fires them up, what makes them react with passion? Do not let the reflection of yourself fool you, kids say & do things to please you. They see what lights your fire & they mirror your passion just so they can get a positive reaction from you. That does not mean it’s their torch to carry. Lift them off of your trail & onto their own. ...& maybe have a little ponder as to why they mirror you? (Yeah, yeah, I know the psychology behind it, but in some  cases that's just void.) ...& maybe stop wearing your own sorry piece of sh*t existence on your sleeve & be the reason your child smiles today. After all, love is free of charge.

“We worry about what a child will become tomorrow, yet we forget that he is someone today.” ~Stacia Tauscher


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