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I had this whole post ready about this week’s disgusting topic here in Norway. But honestly, the more I wrote about it the more I wanted to throw up…or grab a pitchfork.  Our minister of Justice said she was cracking down on pedophiles here, paying to see children in poor countries being raped online. She basically promised it would be a hell of a lot harder to abuse children...& we’re all for that, right? The only mistake she did was calling them monsters . I’ve never in my life seen so many coming to the defence of people who molest babies. “They’re humans too.” was the overall argument. I get the psychology, that you shouldn’t define them as monsters in front of children. But you know what? an adult, first of all,  I refuse to be one of those who victimise those who prey on the most vulnerable in our society, regardless of their human rights...& second,  I’m rather prone to thinking that i f these people doing those horrendous acts aren’t monsters, I really do

Kid you not

People who brag about their kid being the same as themselves should be worried, not proud. Cause if you’re honest with yourself, do you really think that’s a good thing? Similarities are fine, but a damn clone? Don’t you wish more for your kid?  There’s a flawless human being standing in front of you, not tainted by the same stupid ass mistakes that’s scarred your mind. Do you really want them to drag their feet through your footsteps or chart out their own path? Watch, be attentive when they do stuff, what fires them up, what makes them react with passion? Do not let the reflection of yourself fool you, kids say & do things to please you. They see what lights your fire & they mirror your passion just so they can get a positive reaction from you. That does not mean it’s their torch to carry. Lift them off of your trail & onto their own. ...& maybe have a little ponder as to why they mirror you? (Yeah, yeah, I know the psychology behind it, but in some  cases that&

Underlying cause

Imagine constantly getting exposed to pus & abscess from people’s open wounds... The putrid smell & constant oozing from the maggot infested lesion is straight in your face no matter where you turn. That’s how logging onto social media feels like these days to be honest. It’s like a mindless humming of utter bullsh*t...& I am guilty as hell for humming along with them at times. I miss smelling old books, reading them, learning things about history, nature, etc...   Anyway, I really dropped in to say that I had a rather lovely weekend. My son was here with his friends. The laughter & music filling the house when they’re here always lifts my spirit. A few minutes after they had left, it all took a rather abrupt turn though. My cat had a seizure. In almost 17 years we’ve never had any trouble with Loke. So it came as quite the shock for my son &  I. It was awful seeing it. Talked to a veterinarian & she said that it seemed like an epileptic seizure...&

Not yours to take

When a loved one’s struggling with suicidal thoughts you automatically start pushing everything in front of you, chores, appointments, relationships, trips, etc. You’re kinda on standby 24/7 & can’t explain why you’re like that, cause it’s not your story to tell…  But then, all of a sudden, it breaks the surface & reaches the light…& you can open up about it, just a little bit though. Not gonna go diving all in at this point, but I'll say that  I do understand the dark thoughts, the inner voice that whispers of a person’s worth. But suicide really is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.  …& I do not believe your life is yours to take.  Cause when your heart stop beating, other’s start to ache. Your pain never goes away, it just takes on a different form in all of us you leave behind. So instead, let the people who love you so dearly, break through that gloomy mist that surrounds you & silence that lying piece of sh*t voice in your head telling y