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No, HIV’s not HIP.

This s**t ((link))  found it’s way into my DMs on Twitter a few minutes ago & it suddenly made me sob uncontrollably. Cause you know what? Lately I’ve been seeing that hipsters are trying to make having HIV cool or mainstream, & it’s just beyond me. F**k, I can hardly see the screen now, cause I’m crying so much. One thing is to inform people that you can’t get it from a hug or eating from a plate people with HIV have touched, but please, for f**ks sake, STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT SEEM COOL!!! It’s sooo mentally retarded, it’s bats**t! Step out of your damn bubble & realise that there are people out there still DYING FROM IT!!! Source My brother died from so called ‘HIV related disease’. This was back in 1997 & you know what? …if it would’ve been 6 months later, he would’ve had life saving drugs. He would’ve been able to live a long life with his partner. He would still be here! I still could’ve gotten hugs & hear his voice… Oh great goddess, I wish I could r