Since this whole Weinstein thing surfacing I’ve been watching an army of self-proclaimed feminists waiving their clenched fists around & screaming at the top of their lungs of the injustice. But I’m wondering…

…where are their outrage & clenched fists when pictures of decapitated schoolgirls appears on the ether? …where are their accusing indexfingers, which are usually pointed in the patriarchal direction, when women around the world are denied the right to wear whatever the hell they want (PATRIARCHY!), like we in the west are…or when girls are shipped back to their parents’ country of origin to be taught “proper values”. Where the f**k are their collective screams when women & men (equality, ey?) are being brutally raped!?! 

So excuse me for turning a deaf ear to the whole feminist pussyhat movement. Cause it’s left a rather foul taste in my mouth hearing crickets from that same patriarchy bashing crowd. Especially when true omnipresent patriarchal oppression are fought by women forced to live in its shadow. Speaking of which… Lately we’ve been able to read about this negative honour culture that’s on the rise up here in the north & this tweet pretty much sums up my feeling about it: 

She wants to see women unite & march against it on international women’s day in 2018. That, to me, is more reminiscent of the spirit of women who fought for our right to vote than any pussyhat wearing screecher out there. Sometimes I think that people forget how blessed we are to live here in the west. Blessed by our foremothers, who fought for our rights. They made it so that we women have our freedom & did so with support of men, don’t ever forget that. 
Oh great Goddess, I’m just so over this whole rage against men thing. Raging against Weinstein is one thing, that guy’s obviously filth. But that does not mean that all men were cast from that same mould. Same with women. I do feel for the ones who’s been on the receiving end of Weinstein’s wiener. No one deserves to get treated like a cumbucket, or worse. But don’t ever try to tell me that some women don’t throw themselves willingly at men with money, power, a title or fame.  

Bah, have to stop here before I just ramble on forever. I really was meaning to write about all the female influences I had growing up, but guess I’ll save that for a later post...& I know I should be more sympathetic to things, but I just get so f**king annoyed by the screeching choir’s current concert. Anyway, have to drag my ass into the kitchen now. Got pies to bake, apparently buttermilk pie’s a tasty treat…guess I’ll find out soon. ;) 

Have a lovely Thursday, wherever you are.


"When equality is the aim, mediocrity is the result; when excellence is the aim, equality finds its true place". -Dr. Idel Dreimer.


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