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Rock'n rape

I got to be honest, this whole social media business can be quite taxing… The constant regurgitation of leftwing rightwing hullabaloo is making me rather queasy these days. But, I can’t boast of being a busy socialite with my dance card full. Sooo, like a moth to a flame… Source You’ve heard about the festival rapes , right? …well, I came over this rant online which stated that a certain rock festival was patriarchal & that the reason why there weren’t rapes there was because of exactly that + the women who were violated didn’t report it because blablablaaaaah… *insert eye roll here*  Let me tell you a little story… It’s about an awkward little girl who spent her first years on this earth with her family in a small black cabin in the woods. She picked up injured bumblebees & built them lego houses & fed them food & water, underneath her bed she had homemade scented rosewater which she stored in old jam jars… She even had a small pink grimoire which she wr