Enough already.

Ever since I saw the mutilated body of 11 year old Ebba Åkerlund in April, I've been angry. Angry at apologetic people & looneys with love signs & pussyhats. This isn't the 70s folks. Unless you make a poisonous concoction & feed it to the people killing our kids, there's no f**king flower power, ok?

This Manchester attack made me go from angry to furious. I don't even know where to begin... This whole thing is unpalatable. Reading about how the shrapnel from the bomb had destroyed arteries, bones & nerves in the victims, leaving gaping holes... Do I agree with what the nurse said at the end of this article, that we should focus on the good that happened that night, absolutely. But ignoring who did it & why, no, absolutely not. Not this time around. As Norwegians we met our own extremist with a sea of flowers & candlelight. I just got numb back then, all those young lives lost...it was just unfathomable. But now I'm just plain old pissed off. This sh*t needs to stop!

Seeing the outpour of support for the muslim community after the attack is good & all, but where's their condemnation of what leads to these horrendous acts? Why don't the peace loving muslims actively & strongly oppose imams & other so called "leaders" with these extreme inclinations? Why don't they vigorously report people they see are being radicalised? Why don't we see en masse protests against this on the streets from the muslim communities? I don't buy into this whole "mentally disturbed individual" narrative... Regardless of the interpretation, peaceful or not, the teachings comes from Islam. So why isn't radical islam condemned by every single politician? I mean, deliberately targeting children is the most despicable act anyone can do & politicians just keep on with the same old ass narrative that got us here in the first place: "We soldier through, united we stand, no hate, love, blablablah..." At this point it's just bloody gibberish. I'm just so f**king tired of the apologists & the acceptance of this "new way of life" in the west. It's not a new way of life for f**ks sake!!! We're being dragged back to barbarism & the dark ages & it needs to stop! I want more police enforcing our countries' laws & if the laws are flawed, make new ones. I want people held accountable if they've been off fighting for Daesh or other nutters. If you've been out cutting the heads off of other people, you don't get to walk freely on the streets back home. You get your ass thrown in jail, P E R I O D! Enough already! I want to see people in power standing up for all LAW-ABIDING citizens who just want to co-exist. I want ordinary people of all faiths, colour & creed standing up for the victims of such tragedies & demand changes, instead of being cowed to ridiculous political correctness.
I read multiple peoples arguments that the more hate speech against the muslim community will only create more jihadists. What the actual f**kery is that all about? If mere words can ignite such hate in an individual, I'm sort of wondering what underlying cause created that condition in the first place? Don't you? What sort of upbringing moulds people into these unhinged human beings getting triggered by questions & adversity? It must be allowed to ask this without being on the receiving end of this modern day witch hunt.
It's so refreshing seeing muslims stick their heads out though & advocate the shutting down of mosques with extremists ties & actually being real about the negative aspects of their scriptures. Seeing people like Imam Tawhidi wanting a reformation gives me a little inkling of hope. Behaving like an ostrich, sticking your head in the sand is certainly not the answer regardless of who you are. Neither is candlelight vigils, hugging sh*t out & expecting it all to go away...news flash: It won't!

Men fight for liberty & win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. -D.H. Lawrence.


Unknown said…
Great article. Also had enough. Keep fighting!
Unknown said…
Outstanding article! I wish more people thought like this.
Unknown said…

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