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Enough already.

Ever since I saw the mutilated body of 11 year old Ebba Ã…kerlund in April, I've been angry. Angry at apologetic people & looneys with love signs & pussyhats. This isn't the 70s folks. Unless you make a poisonous concoction & feed it to the people killing our kids, there's no f**king flower power, ok?

Source This Manchester attack made me go from angry to furious. I don't even know where to begin... This whole thing is unpalatable. Reading about how the shrapnel from the bomb had destroyed arteries, bones & nerves in the victims, leaving gaping holes... Do I agree with what the nurse said at the end of this article, that we should focus on the good that happened that night, absolutely. But ignoring who did it & why, no, absolutely not. Not this time around. As Norwegians we met our own extremist with a sea of flowers & candlelight. I just got numb back then, all those young lives was just unfathomable. But now I'm just plain old pisse…

How LOw can you go?

Today 193 voted against 117 from LO, the Norwegian confederation of trade unions, to boycott Israel. A jackhole even proclaimed "Enough is enough!" ...& probably pounded his chest at the same time as air deflated from his facial rectum. To me it seems like LO's more of a political party than an organisation looking after its own members.

Source How come people feel it's justified to boycott Israel, when a boycott of Saudi Arabia till example - which human rights abuse is far worse, is out of the question? Sometimes I wonder if the Blitz movement here in Norway altered the brain of many of the people we see in power today. Hell, even I was drawn to it for a little while...not in their heydays of course, cause I was like 4 back then...but I had a slight fling with it & I remember visiting their place in Oslo & I'm sorry (NOT), but it was a pile of sh*t & I felt like I was hemorrhaging braincells the more people I talked with there. It was an attempt a…