Oh, deer...

We in Norway are such a weird bunch. We hunker down in front of our TVs & portable devices & watch minute by minute as water flow, trains slither through the landscape & pork ribs cook. Now a lot of us are watching the reindeer migrate...yes, you read that right. 

I love that it's one of the Sami tradition that's still being upheld. My ancestors on my Farmor's (Father's mother's) side was Sami & several of them had huge reindeer herds. I remember reading that one of them was referred to as a reindeer herder, plus a Lensman & I find that very interesting...but my brain's kinda fried these days & I haven't got the papers in front of me, so I can't delve deeper into it at the moment unfortunately. 

Watching this program though makes me imagine how it was for them. Images that I must admit were a tad bit romanticised at first... With lavvus being raised, people around bonfires, filling the night with joik & old tales...all whilst the northern lights danced across the skies above. But who am I kidding really? The weather was more extreme back when they were around, I think it's referred to as the Little Ice Age (which could be explained by the sun not emitting as much radiation, shift in oceanic circulation, etc.). So I'm amazed at their tenacity & thankful that they made it through whatever hardship they faced...guess the blood running through my veins is proof of that. ;)

Anyhow, if you want to know if the reindeer changes eye colour during the seasons (Spoiler: They do!), listen to some traditional music or just take your mind off the hustle & bustle you call life then click here

"Time is a ship that never casts anchor." -Sami proverb.


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