Little nugget of s**t.

There's one thing I get extremely triggered by. It's like my blood boils whenever I catch a glimpse of it... Swedish people lecturing about the invasion of Norway during the second world war. So unfortunately Twitterverse revealed a little nugget of s**t today, which contained just that. So here I am, unable to resist the resurgence of rambling rushing through the neutrons in my brain all the way down to my fingertips.

My mother & grandmother said they would never ever forgive the Swedes for letting the Nazis march through Sweden & invade us. I guess I'm continuing that tradition. Personally I don't give a flying f**k about them letting Norwegian troops train in Sweden, etc. during the war. It does not take away their ridiculous neutral stance to begin with...& it sure as hell does not excuse treacherous acts against Norwegians. Now I know there are plenty of Norwegians who joined the ranks of Nazi collaborators. We have a prime example in the hugest douchebag of them all, Quisling. But again, it just triggers the crap out of me when I see any Swedish person utter an opinion about the invasion of Norway. :P I know it's completely nuts, it's been over 70 years, but it just aggravates me. 
I shared that thought with my 90 year old neighbour a while ago. She leaned back on her kitchen chair, looked at me & gave me a small, but concurring nod. Then she started to recollect the day of the invasion & the look in her eyes when she talked about it was quite sobering. She lived a bit further up in the country, near Hamar. On the day of the invasion she was in school & the teacher was downstairs in an apartment listening to the radio. When the teacher came back out again they heard: "You all have to go home, we're at war." She said it was quite a surreal experience.
Then she talked about seeing loads of planes with weird drawings underneath flying above towards Elverum & Hamar... She turned pale when she talked about how the sky lit up when the bombs fell. Then she added: "Winter returned on April 9th 1940, there was a lot of soldiers that went through the ice back then..." She glanced out the window for a bit, then shrugged whatever was on her mind off & asked if I wanted some more tea. I don't know what she had witnessed, but I didn't want to push for answers. So I accepted another cup & shifted the conversation to a lighter topic.

She's usually very inquisitive & positive, so the only other time I've heard her talk about the war or seen her somber was when she had watched tv & was anxious about Trump's presidency. The way the news had portrayed him was actually making her scared that she would experience one more war. I couldn't have any of that, so...since I seek out information & actually read his executive orders instead of other peoples bias conclusions of them, I could give her a bit more of an unbiased view of things. It pisses me off thinking about all the elderly people, who rely on the main stream media for information...& what do they get? Scaremongering! Can't they just stick to fact based news instead of sensationalising every single f**king thing? A little digression there, well, back to topic... My neighbour grew up on a farm, so she said they never lacked food...but clothes were scarce. They had to make do with what they had, but considered themselves lucky cause they didn't have German soldiers living at their farm. Nazis only came to survey their crops. But the fact that they didn't reside there made it possible for them to take in people who were fleeing Norway to get across the border into Sweden. She remembered they stayed there a couple of days & when they had to leave they threw a feast for them. Her eyes lit up when she told me about that. :) 
So little anecdotes like that makes me think, as with everything else there are nuances & other ways to look at decisions made during wartime. But still, I don't agree with the open door policy which Sweden operated with & still somewhat do, it puts our safety & the safety of Swedish citizens in peril. I don't care about skin pigmentation or what religion people have, but you can't just sweep it under a rug that there are radicalised individuals out there that seek to harm others. There are people who are raised in such a manner that does not correlate with western values, who does not want to be integrated. Is it really ok to turn a blind eye to those that come here & enjoy all our benefits whilst creating their own closed societies within our borders? That's a fair question isn't it?
I'm of the belief that what makes us unique is our traditions & heritage. Those should be celebrated, not erased. & I get that people don't shed their identity & traditions just because they've walked across an invisible border. Of course you cook the food & celebrate holidays you're accustom with. But when you start to implement those customs on your host nation, that's when you've crossed a line in my eyes. & when I saw this absurd Swedish commercial my jaw just dropped. How can a nation uphold its values when what made it so, slowly erodes away by you being the one integrated & not your new countrymen? 

A Swedish politician slammed her hands on the lectern & waved her index finger when she lectured others on how there were war in the world & people were fleeing for their lives. She was outraged about how small children would die if they didn't come to Sweden & that people should be ashamed to even inquire about how much it costs to take in refugees. *Facepalm* The fact that these people are in charge of anything is mind boggling to me. I learned that if you do not have control of your spending, you are not in control of anything. Sooo, I guess the taxes are just going to rise & rise in Sweden then, so they can continue this spree until the card house comes crumbling down & people revolt. I can't really believe how swedes stick their heads in the sand like ostriches about the state of unrest in their cities, all whilst being f**ked in the rear by political correctness.
Now don't you go thinking that I'm against refugees. That's just about the furthest from the truth as can be. Helping people who are truly in need is the core of humanity in my opinion. 
I do however see the difference between an economical migrant & a refugee. I see the correlation between human rights abuse in the continent of Africa (like people being sold at open slave markets in Libya) & the surge of boats crossing the Mediterranean sea. & I most definitely see the difference between people contributing to society & those who chose to burn it down. 
I really can't tell you how often my blood pressure has risen when I've heard people making excuses for others who set fire to cars or rape people. I'm wondering if there's something fundamentally wrong, like on a molecular level, when you make excuses for that kinda behaviour. If youths set fire to cars cause they don't have something, you can't explain that away with lack of money, low social status or traumas from war. Cause there are kids with barely clothes on their back walking miles in enemy territory to get to a f**king school, so they can get an education!! They claw their way up the social ladder. They don't stand around expecting handouts from the government. So if people are well enough to get up & run around, throwing molotov cocktails & burning s**t down, then they can bloody well drag their sorry asses to school & educate themselves on how to be a functioning, contributing human beings. If they can't find a job, create one! If they're smart enough to hustle on the street, they're smart enough to hustle a boardroom. Don't these apologists see that they give legitimacy to these vandals' victimisation plea? 
You can't save a sinking ship by taking on more passengers whilst the crew are ladling out water with spoons. ...& one more thing - I just can't by the life of me get that if a guy like Akon can provide millions in the African continent with solar power, then why aren't the rest of the world on that bandwagon? Why is it more important to nurture this messiah complex by pulling all the worlds suffering people in close, instead of giving their nations tools so they can thrive? I get that war hands out a different set of rules, but what is wrong with helping people where they are? That's a legit question isn't it? Am I a fascist for asking such questions? I violating the hate speech clause in Free Speech? 

*Sigh* I need to breathe now. My mind's all over the place, need to reel it in. Guess I'm letting this 70 year old grudge I bear get fuelled by present day nut jobbery.

"Is it just me or is the human race armed with religion, poisoned by prejudice & absolutely frantic with hatred & fear, galloping pell-mell back to the Dark Ages? Who is hurt by a little girl going to school or a child being gay?" -Raymond Reddington. (The Blacklist tv-series.)


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