Je suis tired of this s**t.

When I woke up this morning my first reaction to what occurred during my ever so deep slumber was: Wooooaaah folks, time to get our victory gardens in order... It seems like WWIII's just around the corner. 

I'm in utter disbelief how someone can order an attack on another country based on 'maybe & most likely'...& Trump didn't even get a congressional approval, as he promised. Not that promises made by politicians should be believed, but I had an inkling of hope you know? ...& now reports come in that Daesh moved in on the Syrian Army at just around the same time of the attack. It was repelled, but still. Oh, & apparently it's claimed that some children were killed in the U.S. missile strike. I admit my knowledge of military strategy & tactics is lacking, but I seriously doubt that it would be in Assad's best interest to use chemical weapons in an attack. Especially now that he had the upper hand. It just goes against reason. But if he did then proper investigations in cooperation with all parties would be the right way to go about...& when the results were in THEN you have hard facts to make the proper assessments on how to approach the situation. I understand that you have to make swift decisions during war, but seriously, that was nothing more than a HUGE d**k measuring contest. 

People around me ask why I care so much about these things & does it really matter? ...cause we're up here safely tucked away in the north, right? WRONG! Our neighbours are Russia, our Nato ally is the U.S., etc. What happens in Syria & the middle east do affect us. If there's an escalation down there we will be in the middle of that s**tstorm whether we like it or not. Plus the migrants coming up here, isn't that a result of Daesh, Boko Haram & other extremist a**holes getting to freely rummage around? I mean Daesh fighters come back up here & we basically gently slap them on the wrist & tell them: That was a very bad decision, but glad you're home safely. *Facepalm* It pisses me off that they don't get thrown in jail the minute their feet hit Scandinavian soil. Prevent them & others from spewing their warped mindset & radicalising more people. Jan Egeland (UN advisor) said in a video that mostly women and children are casualties of the Syrian war, not grown armed men. Wanna know my reaction to that statement was? Well here goes: "Because most of the men have fled to f**king Europe for f**cks sake!!!" I will never understand why they won't send their elders, women & children to safety, then pick up a weapon & fight? I know, I know, I've never experienced war, so how on earth can I say such a thing? I can only explain it by something primeval rising up inside. I just - without a shadow of doubt - know that if war ever comes to Norway & it requires me to pick up a weapon, I'll fight 'til my dying breath. If that brands me an unhinged lunatic, so be it. 
Anyway, I hope for the sake of all Syrians that extremists are exterminated from their land & that they can start rebuilding their country...& then they can make up their own mind about Assad's fate. The world isn't an open society, we still have nations with borders, Syria's leadership is not the international community's decision. The aftermath of Ghadaffi & Saddam's fall should've given enough substantiation to - in this case - let the Syrian peoples vote & voices matter the most.

As I was writing this, news came in that a lorry had plowed through people on a street in Stockholm. Attacks in London, St. Petersburg & so on this year is disheartening...& now this. 


I just can't express how much I hate extremism. Enough with the stay calm & carry on. Rip the problem up by its roots & burn it to ashes.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -George Santayana.


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