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Little nugget of s**t.

There's one thing I get extremely triggered by. It's like my blood boils whenever I catch a glimpse of it... Swedish people lecturing about the invasion of Norway during the second world war. So unfortunately Twitterverse revealed a little nugget of s**t today, which contained just that. So here I am, unable to resist the resurgence of rambling rushing through the neutrons in my brain all the way down to my fingertips. Source My mother & grandmother said they would never ever forgive the Swedes for letting the Nazis march through Sweden & invade us. I guess I'm continuing that tradition. Personally I don't give a flying f**k about them letting Norwegian troops train in Sweden, etc. during the war. It does not take away their ridiculous neutral stance to begin with...& it sure as hell does not excuse treacherous acts against Norwegians. Now I know there are plenty of Norwegians who joined the ranks of Nazi collaborators. We have a prime example in the

Oh, deer...

We in Norway are such a weird bunch. We hunker down in front of our TVs & portable devices & watch minute by minute as water flow, trains slither through the landscape & pork ribs cook . Now a lot of us are watching the reindeer migrate ...yes, you read that right.  Source I love that it's one of the Sami tradition that's still being upheld. My ancestors on my Farmor's (Father's mother's) side was Sami & several of them had huge reindeer herds. I remember reading that one of them was referred to as a reindeer herder, plus a Lensman  & I find that very interesting...but my brain's kinda fried these days & I haven't got the papers in front of me, so I can't delve deeper into it at the moment unfortunately.  Watching this program though makes me imagine how it was for them. Images that I must admit were a tad bit romanticised at first... With lavvus being raised, people around bonfires, filling the night with joik &

Je suis tired of this s**t.

When I woke up this morning my first reaction to what occurred during my ever so deep slumber was: Wooooaaah folks, time to get our victory gardens in order... It seems like WWIII's just around the corner.  I'm in utter disbelief how someone can order an attack on another country based on 'maybe & most likely'...& Trump didn't even get a congressional approval, as he promised. Not that promises made by politicians should be believed, but I had an inkling of hope you know? ...& now reports come in that Daesh moved in on the Syrian Army at just around the same time of the attack. It was repelled, but still. Oh, & apparently it's claimed that some children were killed in the U.S. missile strike.  I admit my knowledge of military strategy & tactics is lacking, but I seriously doubt that it would be in Assad's best interest to use chemical weapons in an attack. Especially now that he had the upper hand. It just goes against reason. But