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Norway's pillaging ways

I haven’t really had anything to write about in quite some time. But logging on to Facebook today made me grin...& quite fired up actually & this is why: As a Norwegian who loves her heritage to bits it kinda got to me that someone would write that. But mostly because I’m one of those who doesn’t eat farmed fish & I haven’t done so in years. It’s been my silent protest. Silent, cause I learned a long time ago that my single voice doesn’t have an impact on politicians or the so called “system”. But I recon my wallet has…so my conclusion was to just stop buying their products. My hope is that more Norwegians will do the same, but most of them are still in the dark when it comes to what an impact our current fish-farming industries have on our coasts…& even more so on other countries’ coasts. I had a hope the Norwegian industry that established internationally, would at least do it in an ethical way… With the mariculture in closed tanks with a system which would c