Easter babble

Finally! The sun's been shining & it's vacation time. :D
These days people are (among other things) celebrating a holiday which falls on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after spring equinox. A time where the earth apparently shook & rocks split in half & the dead rose from their grave. They're especially chuffed about a guy who died on Good Friday & were in the ground for 3 days & 3 nights & apparently got outta there on Easter Sunday. Now lets see... 1, 2...... Hmm... Oh well. Devotes pilgrimage to the Vatican & it's Holy Week. Others might not venture further than a cozy trattoria in Rome with a glass of wine & a speck of tomato sauce in the corner of their mouth. In other countries around the world bonfires are lit & dolls who resembles betrayers are cast into the flames. Eggs are rolled down hills & across perfectly sculpted lawns. Huge crosses are dragged around in the streets & people follow the procession humbly around. Twigs adorned with colourful feathers are mostly used as decoration...but for some it represent a bountiful year if they smack both their land & even their wife with it. Lamb get sacrificed...pardon me, I meant to say...served at dinner tables across the globe. Some of the younger generations puts on costumes & runs around the neighborhood making a ruckus to scare off Judas. If they gain some money or sweets for their efforts, then the day's saved & evil vanquished. Whoop-dee-f**king-doo!
Some families go on a picnic, & when the meal's over the adults inform the kids that the easter bunny's been observed in the area & that usually invokes a crazy egg hunt where all bets are off. Others may simply just be thankful that spring's here & that earth's come to life again. But for most people up here in Norway, easter's mostly used to relax & recharge their batteries. People go up in the mountains, enjoy the warmth of the sun, eat loads of Kvikklunsj & are drawn to almost all things yellow. (Except yellow snow... If you ever come across that, just do the sensible thing & walk away!) 
So wherever your moral compass is pointing; Whether it's celebrating someone rising from the dead, or if you shroud yourself in heathen rituals or raise your glass to the sun & give thanks for having some downtime... I hope you'll have some lovely sun-filled days & that you walk away with great memories. 

"April prepares her green traffic light and the world thinks Go." ~Christopher Morley.


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