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Portugal on my mind

B esides walking into a bus shed cause I was staring at a guy's beard after an appointment with my physical therapist, I haven't really done anything eventful...except for exercise, upping my dosage on the meds & staring at pics from around the world. My heart kinda landed in Portugal this time around though... 1. Lagos, Praia do Camilo  2. Algarve, Carvoeiro Beach  3. Algarve, Yummy Seafood  4. Algarve, Diving  5. Tavira, Cementerio de anclas 6. Algarve, Benagil Cave.   7. Algarve, Surfing.  8. Douro River Cruise I can easily picture spending lazy days by the sea, enjoying fresh seafood & soaking up the scenery. :) N evertheless,  Quinta da Regaleira  in  Sintra  is definitely my number 1  destination in Portu gal. When I first saw pictures of especially  The initiation   well  I got all tingly inside...if that was the meds kicking in or not, I do not know. ;) But some childhood fantasy of mine surfaced for sure. It's a 30 meter or so inverted tower &am

It's been a while...

F ebruary was the month of enlightenment as far as I'm concerned. Finally found out what's wrong with me. I've pictured horrendous scenarios, everything from tumors to Altzheimer's or even worse. But I'm "only" producing too much spinal fluid, so the pressure it creates on my brain can explain almost all of the things I've been struggling with for the past 2 years. I.I.H. Insane headaches, tired all the time, pain in my eyes; especially with bright light, seeing double or not seeing at all sometimes, throwing up from time to time, every once in a while sounds gets distorted in my ears so I have to go somewhere quiet, been dizzy & even fallen down, can't concentrate at all, been feeling completely retarded; words looking somewhat weird & distorted so I couldn't understand takes me ages to say & write stuff for instant (Thank the Gods for Google!) , trouble remembering things, events, names, words, etc.  I was kinda hopin