Sweet tooth

Since I was quite incapacitated last weekend & my son & I couldn't have our regular movie night...I kinda feel he went a bit overboard this weekend. I mean, Look at this
 ...& that wasn't all, there's more
You can see what I mean with overboard, right? There's only two of us & I felt we could've kept a small army happy with that load. BUT it was sooo cozy, he's such a love & now that I'm able to sit upright for about an hour without feeling any pressure in my head, it kinda makes me feel more social somehow. :) He'd bought The Wolverine so I was a happy camper. Any movie with weapons & fight scenes gets my undivided attention. ;)
Well, I kinda feel like my cat now... Completely knackered & ready to join whatever dreamworld my brain can muster up. Nighty night!

What is a home without children? Quiet. ~Henny Youngman.


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