Lumbar puncture

All my dreams came true on Thursday morning. (Literally... I've had nightmares about this for months now.) Everyone assured me that there were only a teeny tiny percentage of people that felt any pain during their lumbar puncture...& an even smaller amount that got this weird headache afterwards. I've read about it & watched videos online, so I felt kinda prepared...yet completely & utterly freaked out. About 7:30am, me & my son got picked up by Mr. D. who kindly enough offered to get up at the crack of dawn & drive me there... (Completely chuffed to bits about that! :D) ...& just before half past eight we entered the hospital. I was second in line to get the procedure done...& I patiently awaited the blissful event whilst listening to the other lady behind the blue hospital screen. In no time without any fuzz she was done...5 vials of clear liquid was carefully placed on a tray & I heard: "Are you ready?" ...& with a new found courage & hope that everything would be just fine, I answered: "Ready as can be I guess!" First I laid on the side & the doctor kept pushing on my spine to locate where to stick the needle... She tried for a while, then sighed & said that it looked like I had to sit instead. I'd already whispered that to my son, so my intuition was spot on. Then the nurse shoved something down the back of my trousers while I leaned forward... The cold sensation when the doctor smeared iodine in a swirly motion across my lower back was kinda welcomed, cause I was quite flushed with the suspense of what was coming next. Then she said that I would just feel a sting... Well, it was more like she scraped my spine, on the inside & wiggled the needle around in there. I swore like a harlot after a rather unpleasant encounter with a pirate ship crew. She pulled it out, squeezed a bit on my spine & pushed it back in again. They had warned me beforehand about a tingly sensation that might occurr in one of my legs & if I felt it, I had to let them know immediately... I felt something I can describe as a thousand needles in my right hip & thigh. Tingly feeling my ass... So yet again the needle was yanked out of my spine. Yeay! She asked if she could try one more time...& at that point I just wanted to be done with it. Besides, the third time's usually the charm, right? All I felt was the needle going in & I had to sit with it for about 10 minutes while the Cerebrospinal fluid trickled out of me, one drop at a time. 
I'd forgotten all about my tramp stamp until I saw this pic... Hehe
The doctor walked in front of me, bent down & looked me square in the eyes & said she was sorry that I had to go through that. She appeared quite lovely & humble...the latter is scarce, but a truly great quality in a doctor. So that, plus the fact that the nurse was amazingly positive & caring made me walk away an hour later rather thankful & lighthearted. Don't get me wrong, my spine felt (& still feels) quite sore & it felt like I was wearing a boulder as a hat... But they made a lasting & good impression & that's what I'm thankful for.

Waiting in line for my blood test... Took forever & all I wanted was to go home. Boo hoo
Fast forward a day, the fever that raged in me last night is slowly going down & I'm on the sofa in a horizontal position trying to dodge the boulder still weighing down on my head. It's not a normal headache...more like a pressure feeling & it goes away when I lay down. So I'll stay down till it goes away. Fingers crossed it'll be soon!

Btw, if any of you reading this is getting a lumbar puncture please don't feel discouraged. It's worth getting one, cause it might give you answers...& you're most likely going to have an experience like the woman before me got; just a little needle stick & 10 minutes of laying still. I truly wish that for you. ;) Oh, & bring someone with you. My son sat by my side as a rock & it was quite I truly recommend it.

Going to get some rest now... Hope you'll have a great weekend!

"Sickness is the vengeance of nature for the violation of her laws." ~Charles Simmons.


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