These first few days of the new year's been absolutely great. Relaxing & filled with laughter. Yesterday me & my friend Gine went for a quick trip to Oslo. She needed a new couch, so IKEA was our destination. I enjoy walking around looking at the displays... The tiny house movement should take some input on the little dens they make at IKEA. I'm always thinking that I could easily move in to one of those... :)
Before we took on the arduous task of walking through the place we decided to get something to eat at their restaurant*. Quite the glitzy endeavour really... Eating overcooked salmon, with potatoes & an array of wishy-washy vegetables swimming around the plate in an unknown sauce. I almost inhaled the food* just to avoid the taste of it. Then I chucked down the lemon soda*...which reminded me a bit of an antibacterial hand wash that I once had the misfortune of getting on my lips....YUCK! But it was all smooth sailing from there on. Well, almost... We first got lost when we were fetching her sofa at the warehouse...& once more when driving out of Oslo - AGAIN! It happens every single time we go there. We actually ended up at the IKEA on the other side of the city. xD I couldn't stop laughing. But we came home in one piece, despite the detours & pouring rain. *HAHAHA!
From one of our previous detours...
So, all in all a good day with various lamp-huggin' & couch-snugglin'. (Yup, there I went hugging inanimate objects again. :p) I think this year's started off quite nice. ;) ...& now the weekend's here. Oh the joooooy! ;) Do you have any plans for the next couple of days? Whatever it is, I hope you'll enjoy it!

"A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour." ~Author Unknown.


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