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...that's what I feel like, a sourpuss. Being sick just takes me to a dark & gloomy place. Staring out the same windows day after day, seasons shifting...blah! At times it actually feels like I'm living in a perpetual Groundhog Day existence. The only time I'm social is my weekly meetings with the physical therapist & various doctors appointments. Oh, & let's not forget the early mornings at the gym - if, & only if I can muster up the energy for it. Everything revolves around those meetings, even the grocery shopping & of course the occasional kidnapping by my mother. Who I must admit is impressively impulsive at times. Yesterday she took me back to the place I was raised, the only place in the world I feel like I'm home at. Loads have changed... But driving around in the picturesque streets, seeing the stairs I used to sit & stuff my face with hundreds of popsickles over the years & visiting one of the beaches we wasted time on triggere

Easter babble

F inally! The sun's been shining & it's vacation time. :D T hese days people are (among other things) celebrating a holiday which falls on the first Sunday, after the first full moon, after spring equinox. A time where the earth apparently shook & rocks split in half & the dead rose from their grave. They're especially chuffed about a guy who died on Good Friday & were in the ground for 3 days & 3 nights & apparently got outta there on Easter Sunday. Now lets see... 1, 2...... Hmm... Oh well. Devotes pilgrimage to the Vatican & it's Holy Week. Others might not venture further than a cozy trattoria in Rome with a glass of wine & a speck of tomato sauce in the corner of their mouth. In other countries around the world bonfires are lit & dolls who resembles betrayers are cast into the flames. Eggs are rolled down hills & across perfectly sculpted lawns. Huge crosses are dragged around in the streets & people follow the processio

Portugal on my mind

B esides walking into a bus shed cause I was staring at a guy's beard after an appointment with my physical therapist, I haven't really done anything eventful...except for exercise, upping my dosage on the meds & staring at pics from around the world. My heart kinda landed in Portugal this time around though... 1. Lagos, Praia do Camilo  2. Algarve, Carvoeiro Beach  3. Algarve, Yummy Seafood  4. Algarve, Diving  5. Tavira, Cementerio de anclas 6. Algarve, Benagil Cave.   7. Algarve, Surfing.  8. Douro River Cruise I can easily picture spending lazy days by the sea, enjoying fresh seafood & soaking up the scenery. :) N evertheless,  Quinta da Regaleira  in  Sintra  is definitely my number 1  destination in Portu gal. When I first saw pictures of especially  The initiation   well  I got all tingly inside...if that was the meds kicking in or not, I do not know. ;) But some childhood fantasy of mine surfaced for sure. It's a 30 meter or so inverted tower &am

It's been a while...

F ebruary was the month of enlightenment as far as I'm concerned. Finally found out what's wrong with me. I've pictured horrendous scenarios, everything from tumors to Altzheimer's or even worse. But I'm "only" producing too much spinal fluid, so the pressure it creates on my brain can explain almost all of the things I've been struggling with for the past 2 years. I.I.H. Insane headaches, tired all the time, pain in my eyes; especially with bright light, seeing double or not seeing at all sometimes, throwing up from time to time, every once in a while sounds gets distorted in my ears so I have to go somewhere quiet, been dizzy & even fallen down, can't concentrate at all, been feeling completely retarded; words looking somewhat weird & distorted so I couldn't understand takes me ages to say & write stuff for instant (Thank the Gods for Google!) , trouble remembering things, events, names, words, etc.  I was kinda hopin

Sweet tooth

S ince I was quite incapacitated last weekend & my son & I couldn't have our regular movie night...I kinda feel he went a bit overboard this weekend. I mean, Look at this  ...& that wasn't all, there's more Y ou can see what I mean with overboard, right? There's only two of us & I felt we could've kept a small army happy with that load. BUT it was sooo cozy, he's such a love & now that I'm able to sit upright for about an hour without feeling any pressure in my head, it kinda makes me feel more social somehow. :) He'd bought The Wolverine so I was a happy camper. Any movie with weapons & fight scenes gets my undivided attention. ;) W ell, I kinda feel like my cat now... Completely knackered & ready to join whatever dreamworld my brain can muster up. Nighty night! ~Linn. What is a home without children? Quiet. ~Henny Youngman.


I t's quite funny how people overact when it comes to gender roles... Take this for example: This apparently insinuates that you have to have a penis to get a head in this world. (No pun intended.) Here's the article about it.   (In Norwegian.)  T he pink one says Heart breaker & the other administrative director...& some people are flying up the wall cause of it. Interresting debate though. But peoples behavior online makes me wonder what kinda children they're raising. Maybe instead of heart breaker it should say Little terror, Manipulator or Spoiled brat & the Adm. dir. should say Mama's boy, Rascal or Snotty little s**t? I wonder how the trolls would react to that?  But I have to say that I do agree that we as parents should break free of the pink & blue world we've woven ourselves into. But in the end it all comes down to how we raise them, right? ;) ~Linn. "Oh, wouldn't the world seem dull and flat with nothing whatever to gr

Blood flow

S ince bad luck keeps following me around I ended up at the emergency room in Moss this weekend. Nothing serious, just the neurologist at the hospital in Fredrikstad that wanted me to get a CRP ...cause besides having an insane headache I've been having high fever since the spinal puncture on Thursday. Fortunately it wasn't an inflammation, but they couldn't explain the fever though. (Just naturally hot i guess. ;) Hehe #ijustthrewupinmymouth)  A nyyyhow...the weekend went by in a flash & today I found myself in Mr. D's car on my way back to the hospital yet again. It was to get an ultrasound of the artery in my neck... To make sure they're not the cause of my...hmmm, how shall I put it...lack of normal brain function? Hehe As I've stated before, I just feel really slow somehow & my concentration is shot to pieces. It's gotten to a point where it's hard for me to function properly...& then there's the whole pain issue on top of th

My sweet escape

S eeing things through other peoples eyes helps me elude reality from time to time. Here's my latest escape, courtesy of Elena Shumilova . All rights reserved © Elena Shumilova.     All rights reserved © Elena Shumilova.   All rights reserved © Elena Shumilova.   M agical aren't they? If you want to see more of her lovely pictures click here . ~Linn. "The goal is not to change your subjects, but for the subject to change the photographer." ~Author Unknown.

Lumbar puncture

A ll my dreams came true on Thursday morning. (Literally... I've had nightmares about this for months now.) Everyone assured me that there were only a teeny tiny percentage of people that felt any pain during their lumbar puncture...& an even smaller amount that got this weird headache afterwards. I've read about it & watched videos online, so I felt kinda prepared...yet completely & utterly freaked out. About 7:30am, me & my son got picked up by Mr. D. who kindly enough offered to get up at the crack of dawn & drive me there... (Completely chuffed to bits about that! :D) ...& just before half past eight we entered the hospital. I was second in line to get the procedure done...& I patiently awaited the blissful event whilst listening to the other lady behind the blue hospital screen. In no time without any fuzz she was done...5 vials of clear liquid was carefully placed on a tray & I heard: "Are you ready?" ...& with a new found cou

Laid to rest

D o you believe in unyielding love? The one that authors render eternal for generations of prying eyes... Today as the light hit my grandmother's coffin I got a glimpse of that. A short flash of memories filled with tiny feet in dew covered grass, sweet raspberry jam, soul mates & warm embraces. A part of life surrendered to the echo of the past. It was all there... I couldn't stop the tears. Not because I mourned her passing, but I was sad that we wouldn't be able to to make more memories with her. A s her body was laid to rest & we all walked away my dad asked me if I managed to cry? My voiced cracked & tears started flowing again. He put his arm around me & kinda squeezed me in a way only dad's know how. So between especially him, my son, sister, two cousins & my stepmom* the day was quite bearable. ~Linn. "Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place." ~Zora Neale Hurston.


T hese first few days of the new year's been absolutely great. Relaxing & filled with laughter. Yesterday me & my friend Gine went for a quick trip to Oslo. She needed a new couch, so IKEA was our destination. I enjoy walking around looking at the displays... The tiny house movement should take some input on the little dens they make at IKEA. I'm always thinking that I could easily move in to one of those... :) Before we took on the arduous task of walking through the place we decided to get something to eat at their restaurant * . Quite the glitzy endeavour really... Eating overcooked salmon, with potatoes & an array of wishy-washy vegetables swimming around the plate in an unknown sauce. I almost inhaled the food * just to avoid the taste of it. Then I chucked down the lemon soda * ...which reminded me a bit of an antibacterial hand wash that I once had the misfortune of getting on my lips....YUCK! But it was all smooth sailing from there on. Well, almost... We


The evening went by quietly & ended with a bang... ...& the first day of the year began with me waking up on the couch. Oooh what a glamorous life I leed. Hehe  Fast forward a few hours, the sun was setting, candles lit & the the kitchen table was overflowing with food & I was joined by two rather tired but chatty teenagers. Not a bad first day of the year ey? ;)  ~Linn. "We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day." ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce.