Wheel of fortitude

I appreciate the religious diversity amongst my friends & family. But, do I go neutral in my holiday cards or not this year? 

I ask because lately it's been such a lot of talk about not offending Muslims, etc. So crosses on buildings they use have been removed & so on. I do believe that when it comes to burial sites we should have some sort of buildings without any religious bearing out of respect. But not if a church have been there for hundreds of years & are towering landmarks in the community. (I would feel the same about a mosque, temple, etc. I can't stress enough the importance of preserving historical architecture. It's part of our legacy.) 
I do keep asking; If people of other religious beliefs are allowed to heed their traditions, why shall we give up any of ours? I am heathen, & I have a healthy amount of respect for other belief systems. But I think it's an awful thought that any country should remove any part of it's identity & tradition, just cause they're afraid to offend someone. Of course change is good & it's healthy to have a diversified society... So why can't we live side by side & see each other for what we are, how we behave towards each other, not the colour of our skin or what deities we turn to in times of need - if any. I'm not talking about peace, love & la-di-da, just the ability to understand one another & show that it's room enough for all of us.
But somehow in the back of my mind I have this nagging notion that we're smack down in the middle of a shift of some sort. Or maybe more like a cunning PR campaign which the people responsible for are hiding behind a cloak of cultural tradition, "minority" & race, pointing fingers at long-standing traditions...that it's making them feel excluded somehow. It all seem to have kindled a kind of tug-a-war. But instead of one long rope there have several, all tied together in the middle; A wheel of fortitude. All with one thought in mind - to keep their traditions alive. Not at all a bad thing, quite healthy actually. Until some of them start to impose their own beliefs onto others... That somehow their customs are the golden template for all to follow...

Anyway, I guess that I answered my own question... It's my holiday, my beliefs, my traditions & no matter what's on the outside, it's the content of the card that is of importance. When I wish someone a happy holiday for them & their family, I truly mean it with all my heart...& that's all that matters, don't you think?
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"Hear all sides and you will be enlightened. Hear one side, and you will be in the dark." - Wei Zheng.


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