Took a tumble

Lately I've been busy with day to day life. Tried to be social when I was feeling up to it, bitched a lot at the news on the telly, broke the toilet seat (Not my proudest moment! HAHA), but mostly I've been in a horizontal position. 
Yesterday though I managed to take a tumble down the stairs...that was reeeally memorable. o.O I'm hurting ALL OVER! I have no clue how it can hurt on the inside of my right ankle, the right side of my stomach, front of my left thigh, front of my left ankle, underneath my right shoulder blade, the tip of my right index finger, the right elbow, the left side of my jaw & my left wrist? o.O When I woke up today all I could say was: "Ouch!" or in Norwegian: "Au!" It's been a looong tedious day. :p But now I'm gonna shuffle out into the kitchen & make dinner...& despite me breaking the toilet seat I am going to make some homemade chocolate for dessert & stuff my face with it. 

I'll pop by later on tonight & show off the results of my chocolate adventure. ;P

"Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand." ~Hayley Williams. 


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