Sneak peak of the stairs

Last night I fell asleep to the rattling of leaves blowing across the pavement. It was really nice to hear it this morning too. It's like the autumn spirit is sweaping through the streets one final time before winter sets in. But it's not December quite yet, so I'm not waving any white flag of surrender until sunday. Sooo I'm preparing the last harvest feast, nothing big & fancy. Just an intimate & cozy celebration of a wonderful season. Preparing means using ingredients I already have & of course shopping...not my favorite activity in the afternoon, but unfortunately a necessary evil. :P By the end I couldn't almost get out of the car cause of my stupid back... Had to send my son down to my Dad's house to deliver a gift for him. Got him a basket with some bread, spicy butter, cheese, meat, beer, cider, a throw & a silly little card. (Cause I forgot the one I made him at home.) Hope he likes it. :) 

Oooh, almost forgot... Here's a sneak peak of one of my projects. I'm sprucing up my Mum's stairs. 

It's a hell of a job...but I'm aiming to get it finished next week. Fingers crossed! Will be nice with white steps (I'm using boat paint with high shine.) & natural coloured stair treads so she doesn't slip & fall. 

Have to start cooking now... Still looking for the perfect stuffing recipe btw. If any of you out there are celebrating Thanksgiving please feel free to pass along any recipes to me. ;) 

"Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way." ~Native American Saying.


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