I'm stuck! I have no clue what to get certain people. So as always I'm trawling the www to find something special for them. I just don't want to end up doing last minute holiday shopping. Cause let's face it, the shops during the holiday is a MAJOR pain in the a**. Crowded by crazy people & stuffed to the rim with f'ugly things no one EVER will need. So I rather make things from scratch or sit comfortable in front of my PC, click a few buttons & get it delivered in the mail. Easy peasy! ...& no stressed & bitchy Linn. 

I know most people think these things below belong to Halloween...but I think they would put a smile on any semi-weirdo's face this holiday. ;P 

Found this lovely lamp here. Have no clue where or if it's available.
Cozy in a teenagers room...or any room really. It's flippin' gorgeous! Here's the link.
A grumpy old fart in the morning? Well, this is the cup for you.
...or maybe this is more your cup of tea? ;)
A huge skull chandelier by Kelly Lamb can't go wrong if there's room for it. ;p
How about some practical grocery bag brass knuckle holders?
A coffin beach towel for people who probably never get a tan? HAHA (Throw in a 50 sunblock too.)
Now who wouldn't want a ambient "Thing" candle on their bedside table. ;)
Or for those who prefer a tad smidgen more normal ambiance, may prefer this candle?
A pencil holder or vase? Either way a gift from the heart...
Internet is such a lovely place to get lost sometimes... Got a lot more to show you, but it's late & I need to get some sleep. :)

How do you go about the holidays? Do you play it safe, or do you get adventurous when you give gifts?

"Each day comes bearing its own gifts.  Untie the ribbons." ~Ruth Ann Schabacker.

PS: If any of my friends or family are reading this - pretty PLEASE give me a hint of what you need or want.


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