Young, old, bearded or bald... 
Robert Duvall looking quite dashing.'s a few things that the manly man in your life might appreciate unwrapping this year. 
1.Whiskey Scented Beard Oil 2.Power Bacon Deodorant 3.Knuckle Meat Pounder Ya wanna piece a meat? 4.Duck Dynasty Bib for the little man 5.The Charging Tap 6.Hobo Tin Can Holder easy D.I.Y. if you're broke 7.Fancy Matchbox 8.Beardski Be the (vi)king of the slopes 9.Revolving doorknob ;) 10.Old Barn Flask 11.Cereal Killer in the family? 12.The Beerd Can Cozy
The Beer Buckle is sheer genius!
13.Acoustic Guitar Key 14.Beer Savers 15.Beardalicious little man 16.iFlask 17.The T-shirt that says it all... 18.Snake Bite Remover for those paper pushing men out there 19.Mustache the bottle
Manly Man Soap Set is an unscented no fuzz kinda gift. Love the 'old look' of it btw.
Beer gloves also great for warm beverages. Get grandma knitting or buy them on Etsy.
20.Blackbackpack  21.Here For The Beer 22.USB Storage steampunk style 23.Take your can to the can o.O 24.Batman signal D.I.Y. from junk. 25.Crystal Head Vodka
A custom made key chain for dad from your kids art? Have it made by Mia Van Beek.
...& if all else fails, maybe replace the ribbons on one of these with x-mas lights? ;)
Well, I'm off to say hello to Mr. Couch for a few hours. Cause my physical therapist was a douche today & used my a** as a pincushion. Bah! 

"A man can be short and dumpy and getting bald but if he has fire, women will like him." ~Mae West.


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