Chocoholic in the making

This became a hasty chocolate venture. My mum came over & we talked for a while, so I had about an hour n half to make it & chill it through before the day was over...
...& I couldn't find my chocolate skull molds, so had to use my ice cube tray. Arrrrr! :P So not the most successful thing, but who cares! It tastes yummy.
Just use any simple cocoa powder method & add whatever you like in the mix (chili powder, salty peanuts, etc.) & chill...preferably over night, not slightly chilled like the ones I made now. ;p
What's certain is that I am NOT a chocolatièr or pastry chef, but at least I try. ;)

Well, it's past midnight here & I'm off to bed. Zzz...

Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!  ~Author Unknown.


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