Bored out of my skull

As the sun set on this glorious part of the world, I found myself - yet again, in the corner of the sofa, with a glass of Pepsi Max in one hand, a bowl of food carefully placed on my 'homegrown tray' aka boobs & the PC in my lap. I was mostly pondering about life & all it's dreary issues. My conclusion on the topic was - as always; If you change nothing, nothing will change. 
...then I basically finished eating & continued doing nothing. HaHa! Long live apathy! 

Hope your weekend was a tad bit more eventful than this? ;P
My Mum & I went on a shopping spree...
...& I came home with shitty pictures & weekend grub/food. xD
I do enjoy spending time with her though! 
"Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?" ~David Bader.


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