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Sneak peak of the stairs

L ast night I fell asleep to the rattling of leaves blowing across the pavement. It was really nice to hear it this morning too. It's like the autumn spirit is sweaping through the streets one final time before winter sets in. But it's not December quite yet, so I'm not waving any white flag of surrender until sunday. Sooo I'm preparing the last harvest feast, nothing big & fancy. Just an intimate & cozy celebration of a wonderful season. Preparing means using ingredients I already have & of course shopping...not my favorite activity in the afternoon, but unfortunately a necessary evil. :P By the end I couldn't almost get out of the car cause of my stupid back... Had to send my son down to my Dad's house to deliver a gift for him. Got him a basket with some bread, spicy butter, cheese, meat, beer, cider, a throw & a silly little card. (Cause I forgot the one I made him at home.) Hope he likes it. :)  O ooh, almost forgot... Here's a sneak p

Back to basics

I feel like I've been spewing out bile for such a long time here. That of course has its reasons. Cause where else am I going to vent? ;) But nonetheless, I need to make a small shift. Get back to curiosity, creativity & get s**t done. Starting tomorrow with finishing off a couple of simple projects. I'll give you a sneak peak in the evening. G onna dive into some travel brochures of Alaska now. I feel drawn towards a secluded lodge somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness. With great hiking trails & howling wolves... Mmm. Definitely going on my bucket list. ;)  Nome , Alaska. H ave a wonderful night (or whatever time of day it is where you are.). :) ~Linn. "I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free." ~Michelangelo.


Y oung, old, bearded or bald...  Robert Duvall looking quite dashing.'s a few things that the manly man in your life might appreciate unwrapping this year.  1. Whiskey Scented Beard Oil 2. Power Bacon Deodorant 3. Knuckle Meat Pounder Ya wanna piece a meat? 4. Duck Dynasty Bib for the little man 5. The Charging Tap 6. Hobo Tin Can Holder easy D.I.Y. if you're broke 7. Fancy Matchbox 8. Beardski   Be the (vi)king of the slopes 9. Revolving doorknob ;) 10. Old Barn Flask 11. Cereal Killer in the family? 12. The Beerd Can Cozy The Beer Buckle is sheer genius! 13. Acoustic Guitar Key 14. Beer Savers 15. Beardalicious  little man   16. iFlask 17. The T-shirt that says it all... 18. Snake Bite Remover for those paper pushing men out there 19. Mustache the bottle Manly Man Soap Set  is an unscented no fuzz kinda gift. Love the 'old look' of it btw. Beer gloves   also great for warm beverages. Get grandma knitting or buy them o


I 'm stuck! I have no clue what to get certain people. So as always I'm trawling the www to find something special for them. I just don't want to end up doing last minute holiday shopping. Cause let's face it, the shops during the holiday is a MAJOR pain in the a**. Crowded by crazy people & stuffed to the rim with f'ugly things no one EVER will need. So I rather make things from scratch or sit comfortable in front of my PC, click a few buttons & get it delivered in the mail. Easy peasy! ...& no stressed & bitchy Linn.  I know most people think these things below belong to Halloween...but I think they would put a smile on any semi-weirdo's face this holiday. ;P  Found this lovely lamp  here . Have no clue where or if it's available. Cozy in a teenagers room...or any room really. It's flippin' gorgeous! Here' s the link. A grumpy old fart in the morning? Well, this is the cup for you. ...or maybe this is more yo

I sometimes wonder...

A s a parent I sometimes wonder if I make the right decisions. "Do I let him go to that party even though it's alcohol & girls there, Was it the right thing to support his choice in school, Do I give him too much money or waaay too little, Did I make a huge mistake when I let go of the one guy that truly treated Ravn as his own all those years ago, Do I lecture him too much or not often enough? Time will show I guess...  A ll I do know is that he told me straight out about the alcohol at the party & I've always been open about the topic of sex & its consequences, He discusses his school situation with me, He shakes his head & says he doesn't deserve all the things I give him (...& I disagree & say that it has nothing to do with what he do, but with who he is...& I don't ever need a reason to give him something-ever.), & I know I can't change the past but I can make sure Ravn learns from my (fear aka) experiences, We talk with ea

Bored out of my skull

A s the sun set on this glorious part of the world, I found myself - yet again, in the corner of the sofa, with a glass of Pepsi Max in one hand, a bowl of food carefully placed on my 'homegrown tray' aka boobs & the PC in my lap. I was mostly pondering about life & all it's dreary issues. My conclusion on the topic was - as always; If you change nothing, nothing will change.  ...then I basically finished eating & continued doing nothing. HaHa! Long live apathy!  H ope your weekend was a tad bit more eventful than this? ;P My Mum & I went on a shopping spree... ...& I came home with shitty pictures & weekend grub/food. xD I do enjoy spending time with her though!  ♥ ~Linn. "Be here now. Be someplace else later. Is that so complicated?" ~David Bader.


L ast night me & Ravn went to see Thor: The Dark World with my friend Gine & her son. ...I got such a soft spot for Loke . :P The dark elves were hot as hell. ;P  B esides Ravn almost crawling over me to strangle the guy to my left (He couldn't stop tapping his leg vigorously & Ravn can't stand that. HaHa he got sooo annoyed.), the movie was quite entertaining. :) I love how they've managed to portrait Heimdall . ...& by seeing the teaser after the closing titles it became apparent it'll be a 3rd one! With Benicio Del Toro as the Collector . WHOOP WHOOP!   *Inner nerd alert*   W hilst waiting for that, we'll be seeing Thor in The Avengers: Age of Ultron...& apparently they'll be joined by the Scarlet Witch ! So I'm a happy camper! *HUGE GRIN* The movies that comes out nowadays are just up my alley & I love going to the cinema with my son, cause I don't want him to miss out on things like that. Going to the movi

Receiving end

A s I mentioned yesterday, I got a little package in the mail the other day... This is definitely my kind of lovely. B ought it on Etsy by SKELETOS & I'm pleased with every single thing of my purchase. It only took a few days to get it in the mail, it had the sweetest little note EVER & the pendant is amazing. So if you're looking for something a bit out of the ordinary, then take a look at SKELETOS' shop here . :) I borrowed this detailed pic of the Raven Claw  here ...nice, right? ;) I  kinda reacted like a giddy little schoolgirl when I got it. Here's a few pics of my nerdy reaction... From getting summoned by the post office, to #tardface when seeing my precious raven claw for the first time & trying to show my friends how long the chain is... Which rather ended in a #duckfaced boobshot pic which got kinda mixed reactions. Haha!  W ell, me & my precious pendant's gonna curl up in the corner of the sofa & watch Godzilla now...have


A lmost bedtime now... Just had to pop by to tell you a bit about my day. I've been at the hospital to get  an  EMG  aka   Electromyography  /  Electromyogram   test done. Did feel a bit tingly a couple of hours after & exhausted... But Oh My Great Goddess it wasn't until I got comfy in the sofa this evening that I started to realize that especially my hands & feet are really sore. But it'll pass, so I'm not gonna dwell on it. :) ...& have to admit that it was sooo good to check that off my Medical-To-Do-List.  Took this pic in a park in  Fredrikstad today. ;) G ot a lovely little thing in the mail yesterday. Kinda excited about it actually. :) Gonna write all about it tomorrow...but now I need to get some shut eye. Nite nite!   ~Linn. When an illness knocks you on your ass, you should stay and relax for a while before trying to get back up. ~Terri Guillemets. PS: A HUG£ thanks to Mr. D. for driving me to & from the hospital.  ♥

Chocoholic in the making

T his became a hasty chocolate venture. My mum came over & we talked for a while, so I had about an hour n half to make it & chill it through before the day was over... ...& I couldn't find my chocolate skull molds , so had to use my ice cube tray. Arrrrr! :P  So not the most successful thing, but who cares!  It tastes yummy. Just use any  simple cocoa powder method & add whatever you like in the mix (chili powder, salty peanuts, etc.) & chill...preferably over night, not slightly chilled like the ones I made now. ;p What's certain is that I am NOT a chocolatièr or pastry chef, but at least I try. ;) Well, it's past midnight here & I'm off to bed. Zzz... ~Linn. Stressed spelled backwards is desserts.  Coincidence?  I think not!  ~Author Unknown.

Took a tumble

L ately I've been busy with day to day life. Tried to be social when I was feeling up to it, bitched a lot at the news on the telly, broke the toilet seat (Not my proudest moment! HAHA ), but mostly I've been in a horizontal position.  Y esterday though I managed to take a tumble down the stairs...that was reeeally memorable. o.O I'm hurting ALL OVER! I have no clue how it can hurt on the inside of my right ankle, the right side of my stomach, front of my left thigh, front of my left ankle, underneath my right shoulder blade, the tip of my right index finger, the right elbow, the left side of my jaw & my left wrist? o.O When I woke up today all I could say was: "Ouch!" or in Norwegian: "Au!" It's been a looong tedious day. :p But  now I'm gonna shuffle out into the kitchen & make dinner...& despite me breaking the toilet seat I am going to make some homemade chocolate for dessert & stuff my face with it.  I 'll pop by later